Crime. Module 6.

Crime. Module 6.

Module 6 "Crime" aims to teach students to deal with any problem, such as theft, fraud, pickpocketing and many more that may occur on a road or while traveling arount a city during their stay abroad. .

In this Mudule you will learn:

  1. The difference between a theft, fraud, robbery, burglary, pickpocketing.

  2. How to describe an occured problem to a police officer.

  3. Dangerous places in London.

  4. Precautionary measures and how to avoid potentially harmful and dangerous situations.

  5. Idioms related to the area of Crime.

DIgital resources of the 6 Module:

  1. "Travel English Pocket Book"

  2. "Crime vocabulary Kahoot Quiz"

  3. "Stay safe from pickpocketing in London video"

  4. "Idioms related to the area of Crime"

In the next article you will read about "Module 7 "Study abroad"" of the course "Travel English. Communicative approach".