Culture. Module 8.

Culture. Module 8.

Module 8 "Culture" aims to expand students' horizons and enlighten them on cultural particularities of England with its old towns and historical sites worth viditing. In the end of this Module students will be able to conduct conversations about English culture, history and heritage.

In this Mudule you will learn:

  1. English sites: museums, parks, galleries, palaces, etc.

  2. The important attractions of Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, York and other cities of England.

  3. Conduct their own final project about sites of London and New York.

DIgital resources of the 7 Module:

  1. "Travel English Pocket Book"

  2. "Manchester video guide"

  3. "Get to know Manchester video"

  4. "Manchester sites worth visiting video"

  5. "Liverpool attractions video"

  6. "Liverpool video guide"

  7. "Oxford video guide"

  8. "Cambridge video guide"

  9. "York travel guide video"

  10. "Bath travel video guide"

  11. "Zunal Final Poject "