Food. Module 3.

Food. Module 3.

Module 3 "Food" aims to teach students the diversity of English Cousine as well as to successfully solve any problem that may occur at a restaurant or canteen.

In this Mudule you will learn:

  1. Names of food (fruits, vegetables, dairy products, greenery, herbs, meat and fish, snacks,, nuts, bread, etc.).

  2. National dishes of England.

  3. How to behave at a restaurant or canteen.

  4. How to make an order.

  5. How to complain.

  6. Idioms related to the area of food.

DIgital resources of the 3 Module:

  1. "Travel English Pocket Book"

  2. "Groceries Mindmap"

  3. "Idioms related to the area of Food"

  4. "At the restaurant Mindmap"

  5. "Food ordering Mindmap"

  6. "Travel English Pocket Book"

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