Hospital. Module 4.

Hospital. Module 4.

Module 4 "Hospital" aims to teach students to successfully solve any health problem that may occur during their stay abroad.

In this Mudule you will learn:

  1. How to describe aches and illness symptoms to a doctor.

  2. Body parts, skeleton and internal organs.

  3. How to arrange an appointment in a hospital.

  4. How to read dosctor's prescription.

  5. Buying medicine at the chemist's.

DIgital resources of the 4 Module:

  1. "Travel English Pocket Book"

  2. "Body parts Kahoot Quiz"

  3. "Internal organs Kahoot Quiz"

  4. "Human body Quiz"

  5. "Scheduling a Doctor's Appointment Video"

  6. "Making a Doctor;s Appointment audio"

  7. "Making a Doctor's Appointment audio"

Here you are a plan of one lesson of this Module.

I. Discussion about "Healthy lifestyle".

Ask you partner and answer yourself the following questions:

  1. How do you understand the notion "healthy lifestyle"? What would you include in this notion (food, sport, etc.).

  2. Do you have a healthy lifestyle? What do you do in order to stay healthy and fit?

    II. Study an image of internal organs.

Use mobile dictionary to translate unknown words.

III. Watch a video on . scheduling a doctor's appointement

Write down when (date & time) a patient will visit a doctor.

Study the useful phases:

I would like to make/schedule an appointment for tomorrow.

What doctor would you like to visit?

What is the best for you/when would you like to visit a doctor?

Divide into pairs of two and practise to schedule a doctor's appointment.

IV. Revise internal organs with a Kahoot quiz on Internal Organs.

In the next article you will read about "Module 5 "Transport"" of the course "Travel English. Communicative approach".