Study abroad. Module 7.

Study abroad. Module 7.

Module 7 "Study abroad" aims to teach students to deal with any problem that may occur on campus as well as prepare them to deeper understand the differences in learning process.

In this Mudule you will learn:

  1. English educational system.

  2. Univesity campus.

  3. Oldest universities of England: Oxford, Cambridge, Eton, York, etc.

  4. Application process and enrollment.

DIgital resources of the 7 Module:

  1. "Travel English Pocket Book"

  2. "Studying in the UK video"

  3. "Moving to the UK to study video"

  4. "Study aboad in England video"

  5. "Visit Oxford University video"

  6. "Studying at Oxford University video"

  7. "York: Guide and Histoy video"

  8. "Bath University video"

  9. "Southampton University video"

  10. "Southampton University video"

In the next article you will read about "Module 8 "Culture"" of the course "Travel English. Communicative approach".