Travel English

Travel English

Introduction to a course "Travel English/ Communicative Approach"

This pogram was designed as part of a final project within the course "Teaching Methods" conducted by Titova Svetlana, Moscow State University. It comes together with a paperwork that can be downloaded below the article.

Nowadays people start to travel from an early childhood. People travel for lots of purposes, we travel to expand our horizons, to get-together with our family, to study or work abroad, etc. Day by day it is getting easier and easier to become a member of an international community where people share their values and beliefs and respect the values and beliefs of others.

If we talk about the Russian reality we have to admit that the majority of the population hardly ever been aboad. Predominantly citizens of megalopolises, such as Moscwo, Saint-Petersburg can afford to travel abroad. Less people, even from these big cities can afford studying abroad.

Nevertheless, if a Rusian student manages to enter one of the top universities of our country, for instance Moscow State Universty of High School of Economics, they can do their best and work hard to get a scholarship for studying abroad.

However, not all the students are fully ready to live abroad due to lack of practical language skills, namely, they barely know how to navigate in a city, how to ask for help, how to solve problems, what food to eat, how to use public transport, etc. Thus, students experience a significant stress and culture shock when they start to live and study abroad.

This educational program "Travel English. Communicative approach" was designed to help all school students who are eager to study abroad to prepare for a "culture shock" and socialiяe with ease in a foreign country.

The course "Travel English. Communicative approach" is divided into 8 modules:

  1. Airport.

  2. Living in a hotel/hostel/dormitory.

  3. Food.

  4. Hospital.

  5. Transport.

  6. Crime.

  7. Study abroad.

  8. Culture.

The main target of the course is to help students to master practical skills of everyday conversational English in order to prepare them to successfully solve all sorts of potential problems that they may face while starting to live and study abroad.

In the next article read about the first module of the course - "Airport". In module 1 you will find out how to book a flight, check-in, go though security control and immigration as well as how to behave on a plane.